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How would your life be different financially if every time people
used their Costco Membership or bought something online at you got a check?

Let me ask you... How many things will you do today because you have to? Today most people will get out of bed still tired from the day before, have a cup of coffee, dread the day ahead of them and silently die a little as they perform their daily routines, wondering how they got there and what happened to their dreams. What are you going to do about it.

Allow me to share some information that can change your life the way it changed mine. The fact you are here tells me that at least you are curious about how you may improve your life. Join me on a journey to achieve economic prosperity and financial independence through your own home based business that you can start with minimal investment.

You will never achieve the peace, happiness and wellness you deserve if you continue to live your life on someone else's terms. So make the decision to embrace change and begin to build a life on your own terms. Our team is ready to help you every step of the way!

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It is time to change your life!

This Is What We Do

We show people how to get healthy in 3 key areas,
read more to get the details.


E-Commerce/Online Shopping Revolution

This is one of the biggest and fastest growing trends
the world has ever known.


In short, Cowboy Wealth is an International Team of Independent Marketing Executives. We have partnered with a $2 Billion E-commerce company that specializes in teaching people how to achieve total wellness.

For more than three decades, this revolutionary company has dramatically helped people around the world achieve their physical, personal and financial goals while making the environment a safer, healthier place.

We show people how to get healthy in 3 key areas:

First, we educate individuals how to become physically healthy through better consumer choices and effective nutrition. We also teach about the negative effects of chemical agents in everyday household items.

Second: Through ground breaking technology, we show people how to save significant money on virtually everything they buy. From gasoline, to groceries, to cell phone, TV and internet services, we help consumers save big bucks at more than 650 major retailers, including Dell, Macy's, L.L. Bean, Safeway, Disney Store, Lyft, Motorola, Bed Bath & Beyond, Lego, Gap, AT&T, Radisson Hotels, Avis Rent-a-Car, PetSmart, H&R Block, Nordstrom, Home Depot, eBay, Amazon, and hundreds of other stores.

Third: We teach Financial Wellness by showing people how to eliminate debt; reduce tax liability; increase monthly cash flow; and increase long-term income.

So consider this: How would your life be different if you got paid every time people shopped online, bought gas for their car, purchased household items; or ate at a restaurant?

We are looking for people who love the freedom and independence of working from home and earning money on a global basis, thanks to the E-commerce Industry. No, we are not an MLM or Network Marketing company.

What you don't do:

You DON'T distribute products
You DON'T sell products to your neighbors and friends
You DON'T carry inventory
You DON'T take orders or make deliveries
You DON'T invoice or collect debts
You DON'T manipulate or pressure customers to make purchases

What we do:

We train you to become an expert in online and offline marketing and attract new customers from all over the world.

We set up online accounts with consumers worldwide. We receive on-going residual income each time those consumers make an online purchase or use any of our services to save money. The company has now paid out more than $5 billion in earnings and commissions to people like you and me.

Let us show you this exciting and proven system that can change your life.

E-Commerce/Online Shopping Revolution

This is one of the biggest and fastest growing trends the world has ever known. Predictions suggest the online shopping space to jump to trillions of dollars worldwide. We have tapped into this massive trend. Enthused about this revolution, we look forward to teaching you how to work from home and enjoy the same success.

Powerful Partnerships

We are very fortunate to have partnered with the largest online wellness e-commerce store in America today. Freedom to work from home and to create an ongoing income throughout the world has blessed our lives. This work from home opportunity requires no selling, no pressuring others to buy, no order taking, and no distribution.

Our partnership with a $2 Billion world class manufacturer in the United States allows us to focus on marketing. Our partner does the manufacturing, fulfillment, research and development, and much more. Empowered by this win/win relationship, we can reach our goals together. This is not an MLM or Multi-level Marketing company. This is unlike any other work from home opportunity you have seen.

The "Game Changer"

In any business, working with a system is critical. We are so thankful for Chris and Cathy Sorensen. They have created a proven system over the past three decades, in many countries. We look forward to showing you their Cowboy Wealth system in detail. If followed, this system will virtually ensure your success. There is no substitute for decades of experience and well-established success.

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Some of our team members.

Chris & Cathy

As the founders of the Cowboy Wealth Marketing System, Chris and Cathy Sorensen have a 30-year track record and are among...

The Osmonds

For over 55 years we have been very blessed to perform in front of world-wide audiences. As the eldest member of the Osmonds, our family...

The Meabons

We are the proud parents of 2 amazing kids. I have spent most of my career working on airplanes as an Avionic Technician. In 2014 my life...

The Wagmans

After 16 years in the Financial Services Industry, we have never seen a more powerful, dynamic and exciting system to create immediate income...


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Paul Gade

 Good day, Paul here in beautiful Big Bear Lake, California.  I am originally from Norwich, Norfolk in the UK. I came across " The Pond" when I was seven years old and moved to this big place called Texas! Wow - quite different from England needless to say. I became an American citizen when I was twelve years old along with my two sisters.  I have traveled extensively my whole life and still love it every chance I get. 

I have worn many hats in my adult life including working on the railroad, merchant seaman, construction, retail business owner, seasoned sales and marketing person. I am also a Dale Carnegie Institute Graduate and an ASCAP registered singer/songwriter.

At this stage of my life, I am wanting to develop an ongoing residual income to allow for more time freedom to pursue my music and of course more world traveling!



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